Interview with Nicole Santa Cruz

I interviewed Nicole Santa Cruz, a homicide reporter for the Los Angeles Times. She has been apart of the LA Times newspaper for seven years. It was great speaking to her and I hope to connect with her and her colleagues in the future as a reporter.

Q: What Inspired you to become a reporter?

A: “In college a professor told me I should get a spot in the college newspaper.”

Q: If you weren’t a reporter what would you be doing?

A: “I would probably doing something in the field of sociology, possibly being a social work or Psychologist.”

Q: What made you start work at LA Times?

A: “I applied for an internship seven years ago and was able to get a staff position just right after.”

Q: Who or what inspire you to keep going, keep writing for the LA Times?

A: “The people I write about, being able to cover the mindset of the people associated to the Homicides and tell there side of the story keeps me going. I’ve been writing for LA Times homicide story for three years now.”

Q: Is there a particular reporter you look up to? Who are they and why?

A: ” There are a lot of reporters I look up to but I would have to say Katherine Boo. She’s a reporter for The New Yorker, she use to work for the Washington Post. She has written a few book and homicide reports. Her most famous book is Behind the Beautiful Forevers. I respect her for her idea of observing and able to tell other people stories.”

Q: Have you ever had a problem reporting something as a Homicide reporter?

A: “I don’t think there’s ever been a problem, as reporter our main goal is to service to the community.”

Q: Is there a particular reporter, writer, or newspaper you enjoy reading? If so why?

A:  “I enjoy the readings of Eli Saslow, he is a reporter for Washington Post and has written many respectable pieces.”

Q: What do you enjoy doing other than reporting for LA Times?

A: “I enjoy reading, exercising such as running and pilates, and cooking.’

Q: Do you have any motivational words for future Journalist like myself?

A: “Don’t give up and always read a lot. Also try to dissect why you enjoy journalism”

Q: Do the LA Times offer Internships and how could we get them?

A: “Yes, just google LA Times Internship. We have internships every summer and the deadline for this upcoming internship will be Nov. 18 and you can apply online too.”

Thank you Nicole Santa Cruz for your time and help. I truly appreciate the time you took out to speak to me and wish you the best of luck in your Journalism career.


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