Living with Essentials Tremors

I was once invincible, at least I always saw myself as such.

I was a “jock.” I played a few sports including soccer, tennis, street hockey and baseball throughout my childhood and mid-teenage years.

But sadly, it all ended.

On July 19, I was diagnosed with Essential Tremors.

After days of crying every night and coping with something I barely knew about, I had to figure out what I may not be able to do anymore. I had to figure out what my future will look like. I was scared.

I had to figure out what I will be going through in the future. Even though I am in my first stage of ET my daily life is affected a lot.

I sometimes fall from instability, can’t remember things, or write.

For most cases, Essential Tremors:

  • is a Neurological illness that causes it’s victims to tremor.
  • will progress over time with age.
  • will affects body parts such as hands, legs, head, memory and voice.
  • does get worst with stress, high-blood pressure, hunger and caffeine.
  • is reduced with medication such as Propranolol, Primidone, and Alprazolam.
  • isn’t detectable by Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans.

There are approximately 10 million people in America alone living with ET, according to The American Academy of Neurology

For so many people to have this illness many people don’t know much about it.

This illness does bring you down, you feel hopeless and drained everyday. But that isn’t true. We are stronger together.

If you know or questioning if you may have ET come out of the ET closet. There’s always help.

At El Camino, there are many specialists willing to help people with Essential Tremors and other neurological illnesses affecting many Americans and students here on campus.

For more information on Essential Tremors and how you can help, click here


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