The New Interim Dean of the Fine Arts Division

The El Camino Fine Arts Division has elected an interim dean for the fall semester after the retirement of the previous dean.

Former Dean Constance Fitzsimons recently retired after overseeing the Fine Arts Division for seven years.

“She was ready to retire and travel around the world with her husband,” Ron Scarlata, theater instructor, said.

A few days before Professional Development Day, Dr. Joanna Nachef was invited to be the interim dean.

“I felt very privileged to step (into) the role to help the Fine Arts Department,” Nachef said.

As interim dean, Nachef said she will be in office until the new dean starts at EC on in January 2017.

Professors on campus said they are impressed with Nachef’s work as interim dean.

“She’s doing a really great job,” Russell McMillan, art instructor, said.

Scarlata also agreed, recalling his experience with Nachef before her promotion.

“I worked with her and she’s just a wonderful and high-spirited person,” he said.

Nachef was a full-time choir director and instructor before being promoted as interim dean.

“It wasn’t her goal to become dean. Her first love is working with students and creating music,” Scarlata said.

Nachef hopes to act as a facilitator and a supporter for both the staff and students of the Fine Arts Division.

“I want to be the wind for their wings, serve as an advocate, serve as a leader in this leadership position and lead by example,” Nachef said.


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