Living with Essentials Tremors

I was once invincible, at least I always saw myself as such.

I was a “jock.” I played a few sports including soccer, tennis, street hockey and baseball throughout my childhood and mid-teenage years.

But sadly, it all ended.

On July 19, I was diagnosed with Essential Tremors.

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Interview with Nicole Santa Cruz

I interviewed Nicole Santa Cruz, a homicide reporter for the Los Angeles Times. She has been apart of the LA Times newspaper for seven years. It was great speaking to her and I hope to connect with her and her colleagues in the future as a reporter.

Q: What Inspired you to become a reporter?

A: “In college a professor told me I should get a spot in the college newspaper.”

Q: If you weren’t a reporter what would you be doing?

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The iPhone Robber Is Now In Police Custody

The alleged armed robber of two El Camino students was arrested with his companions in Gardena on Sept. 5, the Sheriff’s Department said.

On Aug. 31, two El Camino students were allegedly robbed of their iPhones at gunpoint an hour apart outside of campus.

The suspect, identified as Jhakaree Tyree King, was then seen on Sept. 5 with his companions stealing another iPhone, Lt. John Hocking said.Read More »

El Camino College board of trustees meet to discuss the construction of Lot C

The board of trustees was greeted with emotions of anger, frustration and sadness as members of the community voiced their opinions over construction of the new Lot C parking lot, last Wednesday.

The board opened its meeting with public comment, where all five of the public commenters called for construction to stop on Lot C, citing concerns of privacy and possible procedural failures within the project.

One of the speakers, former El Camino student Matt Skinner, is hoping for the school to demolish floors three and four at least.Read More »